The Last Patch

April 1, 2024

Today, we share a pivotal update about Patched's journey. With a heavy heart, we announce the decision to begin winding down our operations. This decision, though difficult, stems from several challenges and insights we've encountered in the tech landscape. Here’s why:

  1. Technological Limitations: Despite the promise of LLM and Generative AI, we've realized these technologies are not yet equipped to universally patch all issues across various codes. The path to achieving this is fraught with fundamental challenges that require significant breakthroughs.
  1. Niche Market Challenges: Security patching, critical as it is, hasn't garnered the widespread attention or urgency it warrants. Our mission to make software security a priority has faced an uphill battle in shifting industry perceptions.
  1. Trust Barriers: Gaining access to codebases or infrastructure for patching purposes has revealed a deep-seated reluctance among users. Trust, we've learned, is a commodity harder to earn than anticipated, despite our best efforts to safeguard privacy and security.
  1. Rapid Incumbent Evolution: Platforms like GitHub and tools like Semgrep have adopted LLM and AI technologies more swiftly than anticipated. This rapid evolution has significantly compressed the window for startups to innovate and differentiate.
  1. A Crowded Field: The startup ecosystem is incredibly vibrant but equally competitive. With several startups like Mobb, Corgea, Code Ant, and Nullify AI pursuing similar objectives, distinguishing ourselves has become increasingly challenging.
  1. Misidentifying the Target Market: One of our biggest challenges was pinpointing the precise target market for our solution. The delineation between the responsibilities of CTOs/engineering teams and CISOs/security teams often blurred, leading us to a crossroads in our marketing and product development strategies.
  1. Slow Adoption: Lastly, our traction has not matched our ambitions. Despite the team's relentless efforts, early adoption has lagged, compelling us to reassess our direction.

This decision has not been made lightly. Our team has poured their hearts into building a service that aimed to make the digital world safer. We are immensely proud of what we've built and the users that stood by us.

In the coming weeks, we will share more details about the transition and how we plan to support our users through this period. While today's announcement may seem like an end, we view it as a pivot—a chance to rethink, rework, and perhaps return.

Thank you for your trust, support, and belief in our vision. Stay tuned for our next update, and in the meantime, please reach out with any questions or concerns. You can also follow us on GitHub for updates.

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